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Nokia Launches Z Launcher for Android

Nokia never left the world of mobility. It works on a Launcher for Android, it is a home screen replacement. The direction of this " Z Launcher " is also in tune with the times: learning user habits.

However, many wondered what Nokia could consider. Although its plans for the future are not fully disclosed, we now know that it is preparing a launcher for Android, an interface that allows you to launch apps. The home screen is often modified and switch from one to another can dramatically change the way you use a smartphone.

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Several elements are immediately noticeable. First, the Z Launcher clearly emphasizes simplicity. The video is particularly eloquent: the main screen is simple and clear, to the point where you could almost think of the home comes with the classic version of Android ("Stock") screen. It is far from a HTC Sense for example.

Second, Z Launcher table on learning habits. We can see that the screen and provides a list of actions that the video explains why they are ranked in order of use. These actions do not necessarily correspond to apps and it can be just as much of a person that is frequently referred to, as a very active debate SMS and so on.

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