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Bandai Namco ends the beta Driftopia

There are not that small independent studios that are interested in the principle of Early Access for their games. This was the case of Bandai Namco Ridge Racer Driftopia launched last summer, a free-to-play version of Ridge Racer Unbounded. After almost a year of existence in beta, the title is about to bow out without any definitive version.
While most games available via the Early Access service Steam is produced by small independent structures, some have the support of major publishers. Sony has been looking for the principle H1Z1 its survival game, and Namco Bandai has done the same for various titles free-to-play with Infinity Ace Combat and Ridge Racer Driftopia.

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This is the case of the latter that interests us today, as the publisher announced in a terse statement after almost a year of open beta, the game servers would close within 60 days, stating that player feedback will be "taken into account for future projects." Usually when their beta testing phase ends, the games free-to-play officially launched in stride. But here there is no question of any launch and Namco Bandai says that the game will not be "more available via Early Access".

Implicitly, we understand that the editor has ended permanently in this project and now has to move on. We of course contacted about it and waiting for a response from them. 
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