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Delsey Pluggage connected suitcase does everything

We present a connected object worth a visit: Delsey suitcase Luggage, even better than the bag of James Bond! The miraculous object is still in the prototype stage, but you can already vote for the favorite features for Delsey Pluggage suitcase realize your dream.

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Delsey Luggage itself as a leading figure among the objects connected trendiest. Ultra connected, ultra-convenient, it heralds a new and innovative way to travel. Connected to the Pluggage connect app, via your smartphone it will give you full of reassuring information to travel in peace.
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Among the features of this ultra-connected suitcase Delsey offers:

- An integrated luggage scales to avoid unpleasant surcharges boarding
- A battery charger for your smartphone anywhere, anytime
- A warning system that will tell you if your suitcase well in the hold
- Interior lighting to find your business easier
- Information about your flight (on returning the flight number)
- A fingerprint release system
- An app "locked baggage" to verify that your suitcase has not been opened
- Forecast your destination
- With integrated speakers, the suitcase also makes digital music player!
- An onboard checklist.

You can vote for one or more of these extraordinary features to see the project will conceptualize, by visiting the website Delsey.
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