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iPhone X comes with new Features

iPhone celebrate the 10th anniversary. This will be the first event to take place in the new headquarters of the company, a futuristic building that is one of the latest projects imagined by Steve Jobs. The presentation will take place in a theater that bears his name.

iPhone X with iOS 11

After more than 1.2 billion devices marketed in 10 years and still more than 60% of the turnover realized by Apple, the iPhone is obviously expected at the turn and will constitute the major moment of the presentation. So it should not be one but three new models that will be presented.

The first two will be improved versions of Model 7 with new processors, a glass back surface for induction recharging, new cameras and other cosmetic enhancements. However, the sizes should remain the same, as would the Home button on the front panel. According to Apple Insider, the company would have decided to call them IPhone 8 and 8 Plus derogating from the tradition of the output of an intermediate model 7S and 7S Plus. These models will be available on September 22nd.

iPhone X would have an Oled screen edge to edge on the entire device. Exit the Home button. The device will be launched via a 3D facial recognition system, one of the features of iOS 11. The system would be called FaceID. The camera on the rear panel would consist of two cameras aligned vertically. The rear face would also be covered with glass and would allow induction recharge. But beyond these functions and possibilities, it is the price of the best X that challenges. The iPhone X would be marketed more than 1000 dollars, the price can climb up to 1400 dollars depending on the options, including storage. Which makes some analysts say that it is going to have to be magical and create envy. The difficulty of supplying and manufacturing this screen (supplied by competitor Samsung) would explain why this model would be available on October.

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