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The older versions of Skype will no longer access the network

Microsoft says that in the coming months, The older versions of Skype will not access the network. This is the result of the deployment of a new centralized architecture to improve the functionality of the service offline.

The great deficiency of Skype has always been timing. It is impossible to access a computer to another, for the same account, the historical conversations, calls and alerts. With the proliferation of mobile devices, Microsoft subsidiary has decided to react.

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Skype VoIP client based on P2P to establish direct conversation between two users. This system does not, allowed to coordinate messages offline, or access to a discussion carried from another device. Last October, Microsoft stated that new infrastructure was being deployed. Storage of alerts and messages can now be done via the cloud on a centralized system, the app is now connected to a central server.

Skype developers "encourage all users to update Skype, so you can continue to use the service without interruption." "Accordingly, we will remove older versions of Skype for Windows Desktop (6.13 and earlier) and Skype for Mac (6.14 and earlier) in the coming months." It will be impossible to connect unless you update Skype to the most recent versions.

This shift will put in place a consistent basis features. The chat history will finally be synchronized in order to keep the conversation moving from one device to another while having access to past exchanges. Note also the ability to send an instant message to an offline user and receive up, even when you are offline, the server acting as a relay. 
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