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Update XE12 for Google Glass: Take a photo with a single wink

With the latest firmware Update XE12 for Google Glass, beta testers users will be able to experience a face-centric interface. The Update XE12 brings "wink" function that allows users to take a picture of a single blink of an eye of the right eye. It is possible to enable or disable this function in the setting menu. Note that the capture works even when the screen is glasses off to conserve battery. Users will of course still be able to capture images on the camera by pressing the headset button.

Google promises that the management blink of an eye will find other uses. "We start with images, but just think about all that is possible. Imagine a day when installed in the back of a taxi and you can calculate the price with a simple eye blink. You can wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size will be shipped to your door. A look at a recipe in a book and instructions wink appear right in front of you.

Update XE12, Update XE12, Update XE12
Update XE12
In addition to the wink feature, Google has added a slew of new software goodies. The last Update XE12 will finally deliver a lock screen that will be activated whenever the glass is turned off or the device detects that it has been removed from the head. Users can unlock their device reproducing a series of symbols on the screen.

Google Glass also benefit from greater integration with Google products, including Play Music, Hangouts for chat and video calls, and a streamlined process to upload videos directly to YouTube. The company also announced a future version of the iOS app MyGlass that the company had accidentally published pre-release on the App Store before removing it. This expansion of the ecosystem Glass beyond the Android platform is a very smart move. It brings to Glass better chance to break out of the single market for geeks, unlike the Galaxy shows connected Gear, locked with Samsung smartphones. 

To take advantage of these features of Update XE12, users must have a pair of Glass purchased after October 28, or have benefited from the free exchange for better finished than the original prototype model. It's not really about Glass second generation, hardware base is the same effect.

Update XE12 for Google Glass: Wink for Picture

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