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Soon : Apple virtual reality glasses for iphone

Apple working on a glasses connected project with enhanced reality features, which would go hand in hand with an iPhone.

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The information reported by Bloomberg and that of course makes a lot of noise. We remember that the Google Glass project had a less glorious destination, and if we expected a return at the end of last year, it was not. For Apple, the idea would be, of course, to connect this device to an iPhone and then display information on the glasses screen, probably actually enhanced, with virtual information displayed in the real environment.

Talks have already taken place with potential partners. At best, the Apple virtual reality glasses release date could be in 2018. It could also stick with Apple's ambitions, which must, on the one hand, find a new flagship product to meet the declining sales of its iconic iPhone , On the other hand Because CEO Tim Cook has explained several times his interest in enhanced reality.

Tim Cook said: We believe that there are beautiful things for consumers in enhanced reality as well as great business opportunities.
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