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Nintendo: The Christmas bug is fixed

Nintendo had a great breakdown of its eShop, due to high traffic due to new users wishing to register after Christmas. A blow to the Japanese multinational painfully managed to put the site up and running.

For the new owners of Nintendo 3DS or Wii U rejoiced their gifts, disappointment had to be match for the difficulties encountered on the website of the brand that allows users to create an online account. Indeed, Nintendo's servers have not resisted the influx of newcomers.

The Christmas bug is fixed

However, restarting the site was very chaotic for several days, the Nintendo eShop became inaccessible to many users. So few days later, the problem is not resolved, Nintendo has decided to stop its servers for a ten hours (from Friday 22h December 27, to Saturday 10h 28) and suspending all services online: Wii, Wii U, 3DS or DSi. The problems have not been completely resolved that forced Nintendo unplugs servers again Saturday evening 28 for twelve hours.

Nintendo has apologized for its connection problems eShop: "We apologize for the eShop connection problems. We know this is taking longer than expected, but finding a solution is our top priority".

Applications Bank Pokemon and Pokemon Transporter, a time suspected to be the cause of the failure, have been suspended in the United States and Europe and come out with a delay relative to the due date.  
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