November 22, 2014

Xiaomi wants to become a leader in 10 years

After becoming the third largest manufacturer of smartphones, Xiaomi aims the first place in 5-10 years.
Created in 2010, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced its first smartphone in 2011. In three years, the company has benefited greatly increasing sales in Asia. During the third quarter 2014 sales of 17.3 million smartphones were up on a year of 211.3%. With this triple-digit growth, Xiaomi has become the third largest manufacturer with 5.3% market share. This rapid growth is far from pleasing and convincing leaders Apple and Samsung, which recently responded.
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On the occasion of the World Conference on the internet that took place in Wuzhen in China, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, spoke.
Described as a "miracle", he said that "three years ago, when the first smartphone was launched, no one thought that would reach Xiaomi third in the world."
According to him, Xiaomi will nearly triple its user base next year to reach 200 million consumers. The company manages its expansion into new countries. The founder has stated that India is becoming the largest foreign market. With this international development, Xiaomi expects to target the world's No. 1 spot. Lei Jun and give even an idea of maturity "within five or ten years, (we) have the opportunity to become the number one smartphone in the world."

A very ambitious goal. 

Bruce Sewell, vice president of legal affairs of Apple, was present at the meeting. Asked about statements by Lei Jun, he said that "there are a lot of good competitive phones in China," and compared to the target of Xiaomi: "It is easy to say, but it is more difficult to achieve ". What Xiaomi put in its place.

Xiaomi seems very ambitious. International expansion seems on track in Asian countries, but more difficult in Western countries, which already have a wide range of manufacturers in all price ranges.  

November 20, 2014

Nokia introduces its first Android tablet N1

 Nokia introduces a first Android 5.0 tablet, named N1 and sold for $ 249.

Nokia CEO between 2010 and 2013, Stephen Elop particularly pushed for the manufacturer focuses exclusively on Windows Phone smartphones. With little market share, this strategy has not been positive for Nokia and led to the sale of the mobile division at Microsoft. While it would mainly focus on network activities, the Finnish company does not intend to abandon the manufacture of devices under its own brand.

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Nokia N1 has a 7.9 inch screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels, a quad-core processor Intel Atom (Z3580) running at 2.3 GHz, RAM 2GB, a 32GB storage space, a sensor 8-megapixel rear camera and a front of 5 megapixels. Also, it is composed of a C-type USB Port (reversible) and a battery of 5300 mAh with a thickness of 6.9 mm and a weight of 318 grams.
These components are interesting. Especially since this tablet is announced at a price of $ 249. The surprise of this presentation comes mostly from the fact that the Nokia N1 runs Android 5.0. Divorce is clearly consumed with Microsoft.
Nokia N1 tablet will be initially marketed in China by February. It will be subsequently expanded to other countries. 


Facebook Provides a New App for Groups

With Facebook Groups, Facebook is trying to give more visibility to this little used feature.

After rumors of a possible professional version of Facebook, the social network launches a mobile app specially dedicated to groups and soberly entitled Facebook Groups. For Android and iOS devices, the app provides easy access to groups and notifications, to create new one and manage them from a mobile device.

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Facebook groups allow you to group several people around a particular area of interest and discussion in a placeholder. Within a company, they can be particularly useful for meetings or appointments, share documents, and interact with people on the road or telecommuting. The groups also help to unite a community around a topic.

Facebook groups app requires an additional download like Facebook Messenger.

November 19, 2014

30 million online consumers for Christmas

This is what provides for the oversized, Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, and Mediametry in a survey released today.
68% of users say they are considering a purchase online this year as last year. Customers surveyed also indicate want to spend on average 57% of their budget Christmas gifts for online purchases.
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Overall buyers will be more reasonable than last year in terms of Christmas shopping, saying more than last year impacted by the economy at half mast. They will spend $ 20 less than in 2013 on average. But they continue to prepare their purchases by visiting the websites.

Santa Claus is like everyone else, it is equipped with more and more screens and so it will use all to shop: the computer of course, but also its mobile phone and tablet (3 points more ).

This year, Santa Claus will not be afraid to wait until the last minute to do his Christmas shopping online. Even if half of consumers plan to complete the deal before December 1, they are more likely to think to buy in the first half of December and 5% after December 15. Evidence that their trust in logistics e-retailers is full.

November 18, 2014

Choose your WordPress theme in 8 steps

Over 2500 themes available for free via the WordPress library and thousands of premium themes can be purchased easily on the Web. To limit the options, it is best to think about the features you need for your web project.
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Here are our top tips to find the WordPress theme for your project:
1. Purpose of the project - the most important question is what you want to make your website a blog, a business website, personal, an online store?
2. Functions - Once your clearly defined project, consider the functions of the theme you want to emphasize: the number of page templates, widgets areas of posts formats, custom headers, backgrounds..  
3. Design & Layout - The theme you choose should be optimized for viewing your website and be attractive to your visitors. Depending on themes, all colors are not available.
4. Site Navigation - The structure of your website should facilitate the navigation of your visitors and help them find what they are looking for.
5. Technical skills - Many themes have integrated configuration options for the most common settings. However, some themes require adjustments in the code and therefore very specific skills.
6. Compatibility with the browser - Choose a theme compatible with the major browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera).
7. Mobile version - It is essential that your website appears perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Your website needs to adapt to different sizes and screen resolutions.
8. Recent Update - Preferably choose a theme out or updated recently. Your theme will be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and ensure the safety and proper operation of your website. 

November 17, 2014

Social Media advanced recruitment tools

In 2015, almost all recruiters check profiles on Social Media of job applicants. Exactly 93% from the annual survey of Jobvite.

In the United States, recruiters think the job market will again be tight in their sectors and they are going to get their game to pass the good recruitment. 69% of respondents, this means a more systematic use of Social Media.

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Even if they use or will use social networks to find the gem, recruiters do not feel specialists of these tools. They are even only 18% think. This does not prevent them from trusting the information they find there: more than half say they have reconsidered their choice after consulting the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of candidates
Latest news interesting: when candidates seeking jobs via their mobile (43%), 59% of recruiters say they do not make their offerings accessible via mobile.