July 30, 2014

Ford replaced 6000 Blackberry by iPhone

To assist in the transformation of the company and stop the BYOD phenomenon, Ford decided to replace Blackberry 6000 smartphone by iPhone.

If Blackberry insists that it wants to keep its strongholds in the business - the last four in fact - one of its customers in the automotive industry, Ford announced it would replace 6000 Blackberries by Iphone over a period of two years. This change of supplier will first impact on 3300 Ford employees, who will have their BlackBerry devices disappear. But in the end, the U.S. automaker plans to deploy 6,000 iOS smartphones.

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In midst of a transition, the Detroit firm seeks to improve mobile employee productivity. It is also to curb the phenomenon BYOD trusting employees with a usable smartphone in a personal and professional context. Eventually, the plan is to move all employees who need a smartphone on the iOS platform to simplify device management. "We will put everyone on the iPhone," a spokesman for Ford said to Bloomberg. "It meets the needs of employees overall, as it is able to serve our needs securely in the business as well as personal use with a single device."

Twitter acquires Madbits, a start-up specializing in image search

Twitter has been offering a new start-up. With the acquisition of Madbits, a start-up specializing in image search, Twitter continues to show interest in sharing images on its microblogging site after the announcement in June of the integration of gifs in tweets.

Farabet Clement and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari, co-founders Madbits announced on their website "After a great year of development, we are pleased to announce that we join Twitter." Based in New York, the start-up faces the image search. Objective: the collection and aggregation of information from images.

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Co-founders of the start-up explained "Over the past year, we have built a visual intelligence technology that automatically includes, organizes and retrieves relevant information from data media information, .'' The acquisition of this solution should allow the social network better management of information in the shared users images.

In recent weeks, Twitter has many announcements. First visibility given to animated gifs in news feed, but also new opportunities for advertisers.

July 29, 2014

iPhone 6 revealed on YouTube

Leaks multiply on the next Apple iPhone 6. A video posted on YouTube by iCrackUriDevice reveals the contours of what looks good to the iPhone 6.

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A video posted on YouTube by user iCrackUriDevice staged an iPhone 5S and what looks like an IPhone 6 (4.7 inches). The design evolves with rounded tips, as the first generation iPhone, but with a shell that always seems golden aluminum. If this model is true, the next Apple smartphone seems ready for marketing in September.

OVH add Hyper-V to its Dedicated Cloud

Microsoft Hyper-V license is now preinstalled on offer Dedicated Cloud OVH, extended to all servers or berries.

Logically, OVH expand opportunities for its users. This has now resulted in the ability to use the Microsoft hypervisor on their servers via supply Dedicated Cloud. Head of cloud product OVH Helene Caraux said "Providing this hypervisor was a recurring request for some of our customers: they deploy these technologies internally and want to find in hosted mode."  

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Until now, customers can use VMware vSphere. Those who now choose Hyper-V (based on the System Center Virtual Machine Technology Manager 2012 R2) will also have access to additional services supply, namely hosts to spare, delivered in less than 15 minutes, adding resources within 5 minutes, can manage from within the hypervisor network.

The arrival of the Redmond hypervisor is not a surprise. End of 2013, OVH became one of 40 global partners within the Microsoft Cloud OS Network.

A team of Microsoft experts regularly comes to OVH to "influence the development of future Hyper-V features, as well as giving the best information on this environment to directors and media technicians," says Hélène Caraux.

OVH took the opportunity to announce the next stage of collaboration: the arrival of Microsoft Azure Pack, hosted by OVH.

July 28, 2014

Apple Confirms the acquisition of BookLamp

Apple confirmed that it had acquired in April, the company BookLamp, specializing in book recommendation.

Moving from a traditional bookshop, one of the benefits is to benefit from professional advice. On the internet, hard to choose among the long list of books that will appeal. Industry leader, Amazon, has understood. In March 2013, it acquired the literary social network Goodreads, which now has 30 million users who exchange recommendations and opinions.

It turns out that Apple also wants to provide this type of service.
The group confirm acquisition of BookLamp. Specializing in recommending reading, it has developed a tool to extract and analyze more than 32,000 data book. According to thematic and different criteria, the site offers books that match the search criteria the user by simple or similar to its previous reading.

With this acquisition, Apple will expand its range of ebooks with new services to attract customers and retain iBooks customers.

Baidu develops its autonomous cars

The Chinese search engine Baidu develops its models autonomous cars, the first prototypes will be produced in 2015.
Baidu follows the path of Google, but relies on different vehicles, which will be equipped with a steering wheel and pedals.
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The director of the research center of Baidu, Kai Yu, said that the company is working on vehicles which will assist drivers when they want. He said that "the car of the future should not completely replace the driver, but must give him the choice to drive or not. Freedom means that the car is smart enough to make decisions for itself, like a horse, and can make decisions in difficult situations on the road. But when the driver wants to regain control, he can do it. It's like riding a horse, rather than staying in a car where there is nothing more than a button. "
Baidu wants to let the choice to drivers. A strategy that would attract those who enjoy driving and want an assistant when they are tired. The first prototypes will be produced in 2015.