April 24, 2014

Apple: rising financial results

Despite good results, the balance of the fourth quarter of 2013 was less than the estimates. The first quarter of 2014 was better for Apple. Revenues and net income were respectively increased by 4% and 7%.
With the launch of new products, analysts believed that Apple would close in 2013 on better quarterly results. The group thus obtained a turnover of 57.6 billion dollars, an increase of about $ 3 billion on a year, and a net profit of 13.1 billion dollars, which had not progressed. In this publication, the group felt that the first quarter of 2014 is expected to reach a turnover of 42 to 44 billion dollars, while analysts went on a turnover of over 46 billion dollars.
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Apple just released the figures for the first quarter of 2014. The Group achieved a turnover of 45.6 billion dollars. Up 4%, it is, therefore, higher than estimates of Apple. Net income is also in progress. Reaching $ 10.2 billion, it increased by 7% compared to the same period 2013.
This increase is mainly due to iPhone sales. Apple has thus passed 43.7 million smartphones, up 17% year on year. This represents 26.06 billion dollars in revenue, an annual increase of 14%.
Another growth area for Apple computers. Mac 4.1 million were sold, for a turnover of 5.5 billion dollars. The division of services and software has also increased up to 11%. However, iPad & iPod sales decreased respectively by 16% and 51%.
Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said: "(We) are very proud of our quarterly results, particularly our strong iPhone sales and record sales services." Apple believes that the current quarter could conclude a turnover between 36 and 38 billion. Tim Cook said wait "forward the introduction of new products and services that only Apple can bring to market." 

Facebook: sales up 72%

 Facebook has he benefited from advertising tools developed? Without a doubt! The social network has released its results for the first quarter of 2014 and they are very good. Revenues of $ 2.5 billion, was up 72%. Of this total, advertising revenues are 2.27 billion dollars, most of which comes from mobile carriers.

The social network Facebook is regularly enriched with new advertising tools. More varied and targeted ads are always present on the website and the Facebook mobile applications.
Main source of income for Facebook, this strategy is successful social network.
Indeed, the group has released the figures for the first quarter of 2014.

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Facebook earned a turnover of 2.50 billion. This represents an increase of 72% compared to the first quarter of 2013. Of this total, advertising reported 2.27 billion dollars, an increase of 82% a year. Develop solutions for mobile carriers benefited Facebook as advertising revenues from this segment increased 30% to $ 1.34 billion, and are now in the majority (59%) compared to internet.
Net earnings (non-GAAP) also increased greatly, reaching $ 885 million, more than twice as many as a year ago ($ 312 million).
On the user side, their number has also increased. In March 2014, Facebook brought together a total of 802 million daily active users, up 21% year on year. Mobile carriers attract many as 609 million users access Facebook through this, up 43% year on year.
Mark Zuckerberg said: "This quarter is a good start for 2014." "(We) have made paris long term future while remaining focused on the implementation and improvement of our core products and the company. (We) are in an excellent position to progress towards our mission. "

April 23, 2014

LinkedIn: Launch of sharing professional photos on mobile

LinkedIn has announced the launch of a new feature for users of iOS and Android devices: sharing photos on smartphone. According to the statement of the social network, this feature should be rolled out to all members in the coming weeks.

The goal for members: better visibility and stronger links with their network.

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According to LinkedIn, "members who share images with their LinkedIn network are five times more likely to see other users interact with their publication" and "a profile picture 11 times more likely to be visited." Source of many professional opportunities, sharing photos on the social network will be soon extended to the mobile version of LinkedIn.
LinkedIn sees the launch of this new feature to give some examples of the use of professional photos shares: share content within a conference, capturing moments "in the office" to see their daily work, or show achievements or work (eg: an architect).

April 22, 2014

Carousel: aggregate photos stored on your smartphone and on cloud

Carousel with the online storage service Dropbox strengthening its tools for users of smartphones. Available on iOS and Android, the app provides both view photos stored on the smartphone and on the cloud in form of interactive gallery.

View all images on one interface

Once downloaded and launched, the app proposes to connect directly with their Dropbox account. Images and videos stored on the smartphone and on the cloud are presented on a single interface. They are grouped in chronological order, with a reminder of the date of shooting.

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The navigation is possible upwards in conventional manner, but also by using presented the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Once selected, pictures can be shared in a very classical way on social networks, or by e-mail by sending a link.

One of the advantages of Carousel is also able to open files to colleagues, through their Dropbox account. Pictures and shared appear directly in the stream, in the same way that the images stored in the smartphone.

Carousel app available free:
Carousel for Android
Carousel for iOS


Update 2.0 of Mailbox app for iOS

The latest update of Mailbox app for iOS available now, and includes the "auto swipe" function.

Save time with the function "auto swipe"

The Mailbox application, which belongs to Dropbox, has been updated to iOS devices. The main innovation in this version 2.0 is the "self swipe" function. This feature was already available on the Android version of the messaging application allows to easily define rules for incoming messages. Clearly, the "self swipe" to automate the most common actions of an inbox, as delete or archive messages with the time saving main objective. 

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Dropbox to synchronize mails

Other new features of the update of Mailbox for iOS : bug fixes and some general improvements, especially the ability for users to connect with their identifiers Dropbox to store and synchronize their e-mails on multiple devices.

Downloading Mailbox app is free, and requires to have iOS 7  at least.

Nokia will become Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft has announced the completion of its acquisition of Nokia. According to documents sent to suppliers, the Nokia brand will disappear to give way to Microsoft Mobile.

If you want to buy a Nokia smartphone, hurry up! The iconic brand should disappear very soon to be replaced by Microsoft Mobile. This is what we learn in a document sent by Microsoft to some of its suppliers. In the letter, the editor of Redmond also states that existing contracts with suppliers Nokia will not change.

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"Note that after the finalization of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation will change in favor of Microsoft Mobile,". However, if the name should be used for administrative purposes, there is no indication that it will effectively for the marketing aspect and therefore sales to the general public. Thus, Microsoft could keep the Lumia brand, developed for smartphones range.

Microsoft should quickly decide: in a post published on the official blog, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith announces the completion of the transaction on April 25. It "marks a key step integration" Nokia wrote. It also states that 21 employees will join Microsoft and Nokia China the Korean manufacturing plant, originally included in the case is finally excluded.