April 18, 2014

Facebook, a ​​new feature, Nearby Friends to see friends nearby

Facebook launched on 17 April, a new feature. It's Nearby Friends, which allows you to view friends nearby. This feature will be available as an option and can be configured. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will not use this new information and if friends who wish to remain "virtual" will be satisfied.

The social network Facebook regularly enriches its services on the Internet and mobile.

Facebook introduced a new feature called "Nearby Friends." For mobile applications on iOS and Android, it allows to be notified when friends are nearby. Notice indicates the presence of someone nearby or you can see his presence on a map.

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To do this, the friends must install the feature and share their positions so that everyone can see. Also, this feature can be configured. Thus, it is possible to choose people to follow: close friends, family, acquaintances, etc..
In addition, "Florida Friend" can share their location during a defined period. This tool is useful when giving appointment to someone who does not know the place.
Finally, it allows to share travel friends viewing precisely where they are.
"Florida Friend" is an option and can be disabled at any time.
It will be launched initially in the United States in a few weeks. 
Still to see if Facebook will use these new data and information or resell. This feature can be useful, but it is perhaps not suitable for users who have many Facebook friends 'virtual'. Not clear, either, to accept being "tracked" by his knowledge or even relatives or colleague. 

WordPress 3.9: several improvements to the visual editor

The 3.9 version of the popular content management system (CMS) WordPress is available,  it introduces some new features, this update significantly improves the usability and accessibility of the visual editor.

WordPress 3.9, named "Smith" in honor of the jazz musician Jimmy Smith, is available for download or through an update via the WordPress dashboard.

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The main additions and improvements of this latest version relate the visual editor. First improvement is the ability to paste text copied from Word or any other word processor, without duplicating styles / layouts.

The visual editor also hosts the ability to drag and drop images from your computer, and provides quick access to tools cropping and resizing. Preview image galleries is also improved: they are displayed in the editor grid, reproducing rendering display the published article.

WordPress 3.9 also offers improved management of audio and video files: with the opportunity to custom play-lists. 

April 17, 2014 allows to import messages from Yahoo Mail

Microsoft announced that its courier now allows you to import and manage emails from Yahoo Mail, a few months after activating this option to Gmail.

This new feature not only allows users import their Yahoo Mail messages, but also their emails from any email service supporting the Protocol Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

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Users who migrated to or using the service as a primary email account, will also respond to messages on Yahoo Mail using their Yahoo Mail  address in the "sender".

Microsoft had added a similar tool for Gmail in December 2013. Note that this change does not affect the use of messengers of origin, which continue to be operating separately. The goal for Microsoft is to bring together in one place the management of different messaging.

The tool import messages from Yahoo Mail is available from the "Options" menu: click on "Import mail accounts", then choose "Yahoo Mail" (requires the name of the account and password), or "Other email provider" if it is another service with IMAP enabled. 

April 16, 2014

Google: acquisition of Titan Aerospace specialist in drones

Facebook was interested, but the Google group managed to get their hands on the start-up Titan Aerospace. Specializing in the manufacture of solar drones, this will help Google to deploy internet in inaccessible regions and many utilities.

Some web giants want to promote Internet access in parts of the world poorly equipped. Lack of funding from governments and difficult to install infrastructure in these regions, connect the remaining two thirds of the world population is not easy. In this context, Mark Zuckerberg created the foundation According to him, one of the best tools to connect these regions is to use geostationary drones, unlike Google which favored the balloons with its project loon. Mark Zuckerberg said, there is little "drones have more endurance than balloons and can more accurately monitor their location. And unlike satellites, drones will not burn in the atmosphere when their mission is complete. Instead, they can easily return to earth to be maintained and redeployed. "

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Google reached the same conclusion. Indeed, the group has bought the company Titan Aerospace. This American company is specialized in the manufacture of solar drones, capable of operating at twenty kilometers altitude for five years. The first units should be sold next year.
With this acquisition, Google will install several tools for connecting people. Not to mention that this type of product interests more. Amazon, for example, wants to build on to deliver some orders. If it works, Google will expand the activities and thus absorb these heavy investments.

With this acquisition, Google will install several tools for connecting people. Not to mention that this type of product interests more. Amazon, for example, wants to build on to deliver some orders. If it works, Google will expand the activities and thus absorb these heavy investments.

For more info watch this Video:

Soon an electronic money service on Facebook

Facebook will launch its own online payment service, in line with Google Wallet or PayPal.

Facebook is poised to launch its own electronic wallet. Service features include storage and transfer money online directly via a Facebook account, only available in Europe. The Social Network Mark Zuckerberg would be waiting for a green light from the Irish authorities to launch its own electronic money, and it would be only a question of weeks.

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According to the Financial Times, several start-up specialized in the field of online money transfer had been requested by Facebook in the month of December. Among them Azimo, TransferWise and Moni Technologies. 

But the arrival of this new service does not seem so surprising, Facebook has already demonstrated its commitment to diversification with the acquisition of the instant messaging application WhatsApp.

April 15, 2014

Chris Beard new CEO of Mozilla

Chris Beard has been appointed interim CEO, within the Mozilla Foundation. He joined the group in 2004, just before the launch of Firefox 1.0, as a product, Vice President and Chief Innovation and Marketing Director and the organization. He then left the foundation and joined the investment fund Greylock Partners.

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On the blog of Mozilla, Mitchell Baker, president of the Foundation writes that this appointment is a first step in the process: "After the next milestones, it will incorporate a long-term plan on the role of CEO and add members to the Board administration that can help Mozilla to succeed and to make efforts to ensure that each member of the Mozilla community to reach its true potential as a leader. "The President also said that eventually, a CEO will be selected permanently: it could be the same Beard, whose position would be confirmed. It will also select new members of the Board, following the departure of Gary Kovacs, John Lily and Ellen Siminoff.

Chris Beard was appointed following the resignation of Brendan Eich, who had to leave his position as CEO after only two weeks. Indeed, employees denounced the financial support of Eich, in 2008, a draft law against marriage for all in California, revelations which had launched a fierce controversy.