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Xiaomi wants to become a leader in 10 years

After becoming the third largest manufacturer of smartphones, Xiaomi aims the first place in 5-10 years.
Created in 2010, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced its first smartphone in 2011. In three years, the company has benefited greatly increasing sales in Asia. During the third quarter 2014 sales of 17.3 million smartphones were up on a year of 211.3%. With this triple-digit growth, Xiaomi has become the third largest manufacturer with 5.3% market share. This rapid growth is far from pleasing and convincing leaders Apple and Samsung, which recently responded.
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On the occasion of the World Conference on the internet that took place in Wuzhen in China, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, spoke.
Described as a "miracle", he said that "three years ago, when the first smartphone was launched, no one thought that would reach Xiaomi third in the world."
According to him, Xiaomi will nearly triple its user base next year to reach 200 million consumers. The company manages its expansion into new countries. The founder has stated that India is becoming the largest foreign market. With this international development, Xiaomi expects to target the world's No. 1 spot. Lei Jun and give even an idea of maturity "within five or ten years, (we) have the opportunity to become the number one smartphone in the world."

A very ambitious goal. 

Bruce Sewell, vice president of legal affairs of Apple, was present at the meeting. Asked about statements by Lei Jun, he said that "there are a lot of good competitive phones in China," and compared to the target of Xiaomi: "It is easy to say, but it is more difficult to achieve ". What Xiaomi put in its place.

Xiaomi seems very ambitious. International expansion seems on track in Asian countries, but more difficult in Western countries, which already have a wide range of manufacturers in all price ranges.  
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