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Flappy Bird: victim of its success

The mobile game 50 million downloads (only for Android) is abruptly withdrawn blinds in full glory, by Vietnamese developer. Why? Too much stress, too jealous and more kits to the IRS.
The game Flappy Bird was removed from the AppStore and Google Play Sunday midnight. Its author Vietnamese Dong Nguyen resides in Hanoi have been contacted and threatened by Nintendo who find that Flappy Bird draw heavily to the world his famous Mario. Flappy Bird is a small bird rather clumsy need help spread between unlikely pairs of pipes placed vertically without hitting.
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50 thousand dollars per day 
Ni Dong Nguyen, nor Nintendo have confirmed this plagiarism or unauthorized withdrawal as an explanation of the game Dong Nguyen Loan boasted to collect about $ 50,000 every day in advertising revenue with this free game. He wanted to end this success probably blow a little too light, especially in a country like the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. He received threatening letters and comments are jealous spread on forums. Vietnamese tax authorities also began to become more pressing. 
Clones on Google Play 
Flappy Bird was one of the most downloaded free games on the AppStore in a hundred countries and about 50 million downloads have been accumulated for the Android version, resulting in some 500,000 views on the game access to the game it is not possible but mobile users who loaded before Sunday evening can continue to enjoy. Dong Nguyen said did not intend to sell Flappy Bird anyone. But clones Flappy Bird quickly appeared on Google Play. Fans can also fall back to their lost on HTML5 Web versions like this. Vietnamese developer tweeted his intention to continue to create games. 
Flappy Bird, Flappy Bird victim of its success, free apps, Vietnamese developer,
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