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NYPD testing Google Glass for possible use by officers

If the information does not seem very serious at first sight, it is nevertheless very real. The intelligence services of the Department of NYPD would be thinking about using Google as a tool for Glass investigate terrorists. Glasses connected Google could also help the police to arrest the suspects.

Several pairs of glasses are currently being tested in some services. A police official said: "We got a few pairs of Google Glass, and we try to see if they have any value in the investigation, and most of the time, for patrols," indicating that they were mainly in observation phase to see if they can help. One of the functions that the police might find interesting is the facial recognition. On the other hand, it would be possible for every man on the field, to have access to the database of these services, including the National Crime Information Center. They would thus have permanent access to records of suspects. Finally, use Google Glass would perhaps avoid reports, manuscripts or digital scourge of police around the world ...

 NSA and Google are on same side

 partnership that might seem a little inappropriate after the Snowden case, where the Net giants were shown the fingers, accused of collaborating with the NSA. Following the acquisition of Google Glass by police, a Google spokesman was quick to say that it is not the company that provided services Google Glass: they get in the participating in the Google Glass Explorer, a program that allows some explorers to test smart glasses before the time for $ 1,500 .
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