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Susan Wojcicki, new influential patron YouTube

Already considered the most influential woman in the advertising world by U.S. magazine AdWeek, Susan Wojcicki became CEO of YouTube, after 15 years at Google. Its mission: to improve the image of the video channel, tarnished in recent months.

Susan Wojcicki, a former marketing executive at Google, has been appointed Executive Director (CEO) of the YouTube subsidiary, succeeding Salar Kamangar. This promotion is not very surprising since it is one of the star employees (employed "number 16") of Google, a group she joined in 1999.
According to the journalist Jérôme Marin, based in San Francisco, Susan Wojcicki even hosted his own garage the first offices of the young start-up rising, driven by two young students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, at the beginning of the adventure . His sister, Anne Wojcicki, an entrepreneur and scientist specializing in biotechnology, is also married since 2007 with Sergey Brin, Google co-founder. Susan has held several positions and participated in numerous product launches such as Google or Google Image Books ... She would also beaten in the past for the acquisition of YouTube and that of the DoubleClick advertising in 2007.
Appease the spirits
Aged 45, Susan Wojcicki is a specialist in advertising and his arrival should cause a strategic shift for the video channel which has not had good returns lately. Recent events such as the decision to integrate Google+ accounts or changes in respect of protection of copyright irritated users. Load the new boss of YouTube to appease the spirits and give a new image of the video branch of Google. However, if we stick to numbers, strings videos is doing quite well. Indeed, in 2013, the turnover of YouTube is estimated at $ 5.6 billion, an increase of 66% compared to 2012.
February 4, Susan Wojcicki's role should be, inter alia, to improve the performance of YouTube advertising, which grew hard. Last year, the chain has made $ 1.08 billion in advertising revenue in the United States, and is expected to reach 1.22 billion this year.
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