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Blackphone: an ultra-secure smartphone

Blackphone will be launched at MWC in Barcelona late February. It wants to be "thought for the safety of its users." It runs PrivatOS, a modified version of Android.

"It is configured and modified to ensure that all safety aspects are gathered together, security measures CPU to hardware through the OS. Everything you do will be private. "Here is a brief summary of what will be the Blackphone, a highly anticipated model that should make a splash at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. "No other mobile in the world has been designed with the aim to put safety in the hands of users."

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PrivatOS, modified version of Android 

Blackphone running a PrivatOS modified version of Android supplemented with various measures and safety rules which encrypt communications (calls, SMS, emails, etc..). " Blackphone provides users with everything they need to ensure their privacy and control their communications, as well as all other high-end features they are entitled to expect," said Phil Zimmermann, co-founder of Silent Circle which is behind the project with Geeksphone. 

Details in terms of safety are not yet available. However, we find that teams are built around many experts in encryption and security among others. We hope to get more details at the next MWC.

Note that Blackphone is not the first smartphone that focuses on the safety of the user. However, the year 2013 and the revelations on tracks such systems lead many people to pay more attention to this type of equipment.  
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