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Chrome goes to war against noisy tabs

To fight against noise pollution in web pages, Google has added to the latest version of its Chrome browser a mute function.

There is nothing worse than advertising hidden behind a tab that starts trumpeting its message or send an insipid music. To fight against this phenomenon of noise pollution which is growing on the Internet, Google had installed last November a function reducing these very intrusive ads in silence. This useful feature daily is now available in the latest stable version of Google Chrome.

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This function allows you to track the noisy tab with an icon representing a speaker to quickly identify the disturbing element. You'll also be able to know which tabs are using your webcam or Chromecast if the module is used with a TV with HDMI key Google.

A sandbox more effective at blocking malware  

This update Google Chrome also comes with a tray function reinforced sand blocking the insidious download malicious files, while Windows 8 users will benefit from the "Metro" interface. 

Finally, Google has added to the beta version of its browser - so the 32 - management already available on Android multi-user profiles. With a family or shared between several people computer, it is possible to lock some functions to block access to certain pages. Once the user accounts configured, you can access your browsing history, monitor the activities of each member and determine their restrictions. 
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