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Irresistible rise of Skype

TeleGeography has recently published a report indicating that Skype now accounts 40% of international telecommunications traffic and growth now far superior to traditional platforms.

The adage which states that a small picture is worth a thousand words find a new illustration in the chart you will find below, which shows the annual growth in minutes of communications on Skype, on the one hand, and international telephone traffic on the other hand.
During the year 2013, the growth of Skype was 54 billion minutes, or 50% more than the rest of the combined telephone industry. During this year, the software would have carried 214 billion minutes of conversations through the Internet between Skype users on one side and the others, an increase of 36% compared to the previous year. With these figures, the Estonian original software now accounts 40% of long distance voice traffic and eat slowly the rest of the industry, says the report.

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