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Windows 9 or Windows blue : what we can say ?

Improved interface, attractive price, major change in the life cycle imminent launch date: the next version of the OS is already in alpha phase, and proposed next summer. Summary of the most credible rumors.

To believe several reliable sources, Microsoft has already made ​​good progress on the successor to Windows 8. Always well informed about Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley stated that since last August "Windows 9 would perhaps not be the next version of Windows: it would be Windows Blue, whose launch is planned for summer 2013. "A few weeks later, in late November, it was the turn of The Verge rely on" several sources close to Microsoft Project "to assert that the publisher is currently" busy developing the next generation of Windows client ".

Blue Windows, Service Pack Windows 8 ? 

In discussing the next version of Windows 8, the expert Mary Jo Foley immediately said it could be that Microsoft has long been accustomed to call a Service Pack. An update to the editor should no longer offered (Service Pack 2 of Windows 7 that is not expected and would never happen), and usually focuses more on corrections and updates the contribution of many new features. But at this point, nothing prevents not believe that Windows Blue offer many new features ...

According to the latest information, it is possible that the update "Blue" can apply to other products in addition to the Windows OS, specifically related solutions to the operating system. It would be indeed the term used by Microsoft to identify the next major update to Windows Phone, Windows Server, but SkyDrive and Hotmail.

This wave of update could also not happen at the same time for all products, but spread over time. From Blue, all products concerned and would know of annual updates, as well as Windows, which is not the case today.

Relating the Windows client, Blue could be pushed through the Windows Store. Internet Explorer, Mail, Calendar, Bing and other applications now come with Windows are likely to also benefit from this update. The kernel also, which would improve performance and battery life.

Windows Blue offered free or at a modest price ? 

Several convergent sources also say that this update will be provided at low cost or even free, which invites the thesis of an update Service Pack type. "Microsoft wants Windows Blue is the next OS that everyone installs. The idea is simple: Microsoft will give a low cost price in the next release of Windows, or even offer it for free to ensure that users update, "says The Verge.   

Updates faster imitating the Apple model ? 

One disruptions brought by Windows Blue would also begin to grow every year new updates to the OS, Microsoft accelerating the pace to wedge his pace on those already adopted by Android or iOS. 

Microsoft could also follow the same numbering "point" Apple: Windows Blue would be 8.1 or Windows 8.5. Windows Blue, the group should in any case to change the core of its operating system, called Windows NT, version 6.3. As a reminder, Windows 7 to Windows 8, the NT kernel went from version 6.1 to 6.2.

A slightly improved interface? 

According to the Chinese newspaper online cnBeta has already relayed projects leaked Microsoft Windows Blue retain the Modern UI interface and biases of Windows 8. Not return to the Start menu plan, then. The interface would also be "flatter" the last vestiges of Aero disappear (including the Office classical) completely. Customize the Home screen could also be improved with new options and more flexible tile size, as may be the Windows Phone.

Push developers create Windows Blue 

Once the Windows Blue is out to push developers to create applications "Windows SDK will be updated and Microsoft will no longer accept applications only developed for Windows 8," says The Verge. Windows 8 applications would be able to run on Windows Blue.

An alpha version is currently being tested ?  

According cnBeta, the alpha version of Windows Blue, build 9622 (9200 for Windows 8) is already in the testing phase, and moving fast. 

Microsoft has never confirmed or reversed this information, and the name of Blue Windows or Windows 9 is not more pronounced than that of Windows 8 a year before its release. While Steven Sinofsky, the long "Mr Windows" in Microsoft (holding that secret around the work of the division are religiously kept) not more officiates at the publisher for a few weeks.

But if Microsoft Windows offers this Blue this summer, and although no beta has been specified, the publisher will soon break his silence on the subject.  


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