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Japan, deprived of BlackBerry Z10

Due to the language and lower BlackBerry sales in Japan, the Canadian brand has decided not to sell its upcoming models.

Profitability has taken over diplomacy. The BlackBerry is not very popular in Japan. This is why the Canadian company has announced that it will not sell its new model running BB10. The market share of the brand is in fact increased from 5% to 0.3% in a few years.

On the other hand, language also poses significant financial constraints: adapting the operating system devices to Japanese expensive. Incremental costs, constraints related to networks, the cost of regulatory thresholds and frequency of emissions of electromagnetic waves, are all obstacles to the sale of mobile BlabkBerry Japan, according to Reuters.

Amy McDowell, spokesman for BlackBerry, however, that the customer service would continue to operate for existing customers holding older models.

Even if the Japanese are not crazy about BlackBerry, they are big users of smartphones as 24 million Japanese currently have. 
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