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wars of Patents Apple and Samsung return to court in the United States

Apple and Samsung resume their Thursday standoff patent front of a judge in California (west), which must decide whether the South Korean group should really pay more than a billion dollars in fines and see its smartphones banned from sale in the United States.

Apple won the August 24 first round of this process, the largest of its kind for years in the United States: the jury had concluded that Samsung had indeed violated its patents and had to pay 1.049 billion in compensation.

Experts stress that it is extremely difficult to return a verdict based on the deliberations of a jury.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer still hope to convince the judge Lucy Koh cancel his conviction, a motion in which he argued that the verdict was biased by the past experience of the jury president.

He had failed to report a dispute during the trial court with his former employer Seagate, a company in which Samsung has an interest.

Apple's lawyers say they have ignored these facts and refute the influence. The "trial Seagate ago almost twenty years has nothing to do with the issues raised by Samsung in its motions," said one of them, Mark Selwyn, in a document sent last week to Justice .

Samsung motions parallel to cancel or reduce his amendment, the court shall consider an application Koh Apple to increase. As the jury found that Samsung had intentionally violated its patents, it can go up to triple the fine proposed. The group at the apple had merely late September to claim an additional 700 million dollars .

Thursday,The audience for the court of San Jose will also focus on another point of Apple, seeking to prohibit the sale in the United States a series of smartphones that use Samsung patents in the middle of the trial.

Both groups are in direct competition on the market of smartphones and tablet computers, Samsung occupying the first place in the world for the first and the second Apple.

They would courts of a number of countries where they accuse each other of patent infringement, with highly variable results so far.

Jurors in San Jose this summer had examined 700 complaints in total, and all those rejected Samsung against Apple. Shortly before, a South Korean court had referred the two groups back to back saying they both had violated patents. Japanese courts, Dutch and British, for their part rejected

The patent war courts beyond the scope of the Apple-Samsung battle. Groups multiply technological actions against each other. Contrary to Samsung, HTC chose in November to pass a licensing agreement with Apple to end all their disputes.
wars of Patents Apple and Samsung return to court in the United States wars of Patents Apple and Samsung return to court in the United States مراجعة من قبل fortech في 5:15 م تصنيف: 5