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Li-Fi when the light diffuse sound, and video replace the wi-fi

Receive music or videos on his tablet, his phone or TV, without internet connection, wi-fi or 3G card, but only through the light of a lamp, is what now allows Li-Fi, presented for the first time in France.

TV broadcasts images without sound. Below, a small red bulb illuminates a defined area. Under the lamp enclosure with a sensor begins to broadcast the trailer program like magic. If it is removed, the sound stops.

On the stand of France Télévisions to LeWeb 2012, organized near Paris until Thursday and focused this year on the theme of connected objects, another diffuse light illuminating a movie screen. By placing your hand between the light and the sensor, the image is cut.

"We do walrus very high frequency. When it is lit This is a 1, a 0 off. And since it's digital 0 and 1, we can transmit sound, image and internet "says Suat Topsu, a researcher at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and founder of the start Oledcomm-up.

"It turns off and it a million times per second for the ten million images and 100 million internet. The eye is unable to see the sensor, which converts it into digital data, "he continues working on this innovation for four years.

No electromagnetic waves

Technology "Li-Fi" (for Light Fidelity), based on the light intensity modulation, only works with light emitting diode (LED).

Much less voracious energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are becoming widespread. Since September, the conventional incandescent lamps are especially prohibited in the European Union.

According Suat Topsu, SNCF is already in the testing phase for each advanced "lighting unit" sends travelers with GPS location coordinates and sound inside the stations, where the waves satellites fail.

A Parisian museum is currently working on the possibility of combining lighting arrays of information sent to the public on tablets and smartphones including the camera lens serve as a sensor.

In 2013,Oledcomm plans to sell a lamp playing music before aiming, in 2014, the transmission network via internet lighting.

"The potential of data is unprecedented compared to wi-fi," enthuses the researcher discusses bandwidths "saturated" therefore "more expensive."

For him, no need, firstly, to pay rights of passage of "Dionaea" in the French telecommunications regulator (ARCEP) "as it passes through the light."

Another advantage is the absence of electromagnetic waves, as in the case of wi-fi, some denounce the harm. so the Equipment maybe interest to airlines and hospitals.

Oledcomm developed in France by the "Li-Fi" is also being researched in laboratories in Japan and the United States, including.

To enable the development of a range of applications, this transmission system and digital data transmission was internationally standardized in the IEEE 802 standard, says Suat Topsu hope that this will generalize the use of Li-Fi.

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