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VMware acquires CloudVolumes

With the approach of its annual global conference in the USA, VMware strengthens its portfolio in virtualization workstation with the acquisition of CloudVolumes, a company that develops technology close to Docker.

In a few days at VMworld, we should have more details on the new acquisition of VMware. The US company just put its hands on a young shoot of 3 years having raised a small amount, $ 2.1 million, with an investment fund although it has been honored by CIO Magazine as one of 20 US the most promising cloud environments startups.
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On the field, the classic virtualization provided by VMware, Microsoft, Citrix or Red Hat, poses some problems of performance or storage. Hence the idea to bypass these uncomfortable questions by new technologies containers, which amounts to package apps in a container, Avoiding unnecessary server calls and enabling easier and more efficient deployment.

Docker currently holds the upper hand in the field but CloudVolumes developing similar technology and especially much cheaper than Docker whose price soared.

Seen funds raised by CloudVolumes, the price of the acquisition had to be reasonable, even if we do not have more details now about the operation. VMware is growing on a market of the future, and move to a technology that is already seen as an alternative to its current virtualization.
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