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Twitter withdrawal pictures of the dead

Under certain conditions,Twitter will now remove images of deceased by the request of a family.

The right to be forgotten just come into force in Europe. Allow users to remove some links to sites where their name is associated with malicious content is an important step. Because the Internet is a space in which the rules of life and respect may be insufficient.

Recently, the death of actor Robin Williams has created displaced on social networks, especially Twitter reactions. His daughter, Zelda Williams was communicating with her fans but some twitters responded with photos of the actor retouched to shock. Affected by this lack of respect for their grief, Zelda Williams closed her Twitter account and asked the social network block malicious accounts.

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The social network responded quickly. Vice President of Twitter, Del Harvey, said: "(We) will not tolerate this kind of abuse on Twitter." "(We) have suspended a number of accounts for violation of (our) rules and (we) are now assessing how (we) can improve (our) policies to better manage the tragic situations like this" .
It did not take long for the social network to act. This August 19th, Twitter announced that it would delete the pictures of people who died by the request of a family member. This tool was introduced with the new policy of Twitter. The network will review each withdrawal request and take into account public interest factors. All applications will not be honored.
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