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LogRhythm, Honeypots Servers Easy

LogRhythm launches solution simple deployment of honeypots servers to anticipate advanced persistent attacks.

The main problem with RSSI often be faced with attacks they do not know. One way to avoid this is to lay lures like honeypots servers and analyze their traffic and detect attacks on these lures servers.

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LogRythm provides Honeypot Security Analytics an analytical result of Honeypots servers to keep track of potential hackers and be able to analyze their methods and tactics of attack. It aims to provide targeted information to anticipate actual attacks on production servers.

The solution facilitate the deployment of servers and analyzes traffic by logs and network activity. This analysis aims to detect advanced attacks and zero days. This information is transmitted as a result Security Intelligence Publisher plugin that powers the Smart Response, a dynamic blacklist that adapts according to information from honeypots and Security Intelligence servers. In this way the IP address of the hacker attacks a honeypot will be blocked and programs run during that offense will be detected if they were discovered beforehand on honeypots.
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