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Nintendo, Pokemon on iPad

After having done on PCs and Macs, Nintendo will offer a Pokemon game on the iPad tablet.

Since the launch of the consoles last generation of Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo increased its difficulties. Between April and June, the group passed 510,000 Wii U. Since its release in 2012, Nintendo has shipped 6.68 million units. By comparison, Sony has just reached the milestone of 10 million PS4 in just over eight months.
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A spokesman for Nintendo confirmed that a version of Pokemon is in development to be launched soon on iPad. No release date has been given, but the game Pokemon Trading Card Game looks pretty advanced. It will be free and will transfer the actual cards and buy packs of cards. 

The Pokemon Company, Nintendo subsidiary that manages the license, has already launched versions for Mac and PC. With this new version, it shows once again that it is more open to moving Nintendo media.

This next arrival should satisfy fans of the game that was all the rage in the 90s Already, it reassures stock investors who have pushed the Nintendo Action 7.4% this August 19.
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