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Google puts an end to Orkut, its first social network to focus on Google+

10 years after its birth, Orkut bowing out. The social network launched by Google in 2004, at the same time that Facebook has never managed to overtake its rival. Now, Google intends to refocus its resources on social unloved Google+ while capitalizing on YouTube and Blogger communities.

January 22, 2004 was the first step in the world of Google social networking with Orkut. A few days later, on February 4, Facebook was born, marking the beginning of the era of "social network" of mass. But unlike Facebook, Orkut has never managed to break through and reach an audience worldwide.

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It is nevertheless born in the same conditions, the project of a student at Stanford, Orkut Büyükkökten then hired by Google for which it developed the social network. It should be noted that Orkut is especially popular in Brazil, despite a controversy over illegal content hosted it gathers more than 25 million members. Or half of its users, the rest being divided between India, Iran and the United States.

Growth stagnates Orkut. Even in Brazil, where Facebook has took first place in terms of number of users two years ago. "Over the last decade, YouTube, Google+ and Blogger took off, with communities that have emerged around the world," says Paulo Golgher, Engineering Director at Orkut. "Since the growth of their communities has surpassed Orkut, we decided to say goodbye."

At September 30, 2014, Orkut permanently removes the Web. Today, it is impossible to create a new account, and dedicated apps gradually disappear from the Stores. Users of Orkut, Google provides a tool to save and upload their profile and the various data hosted on this site. This Takeout will be available until 2016. Moreover, the content of public communities will be archived and made ​​available online to the closure of the site, unless opposed by their administrators.

Paulo Golgher Says "We will focus our energy and resources to make our other as incredible as possible for all those who use social platforms."
Google puts an end to Orkut, its first social network to focus on Google+ Google puts an end to Orkut, its first social network to focus on Google+ مراجعة من قبل fortech في 10:18 ص تصنيف: 5