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Targeted mobile advertising: Twitter acquires TapCommerce

Twitter announced the acquisition of TapCommerce, a U.S. company specializing in advertising retargeting. This acquisition allows the brand to strengthen its advertising offers on mobile, which incorporates more promotional tweets.

Mobile advertising has become the watchword of Twitter (with social TV). Blue Bird is constantly increasing its potential innovation in the mobile sector. It has already been discussed MoPub of NamoMedia and Cover, it is now the turn of TapCommerce fall into the hands of the community site. A transaction whose amount was not specified (100 million dollars according to Re / code).

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TapCommerce is a New York company specializing in mobile advertising retargeting. This system is to be based on browsing history, web and app of a user through its various devices in order to propose appropriate advertising.

More specifically, TapCommerce proceeds linking, without cookies, a user in its various mobile devices. This requires the use of anonymous data: apps used, time connections, pages visited, device characteristics, geolocation. 

The information used to define the user profile as well as terminals it uses, in order to send him advertising in line with practices in its various terminals. For example, target advertising for mobile games on the tablet if it has a habit to use this device to play and view tips on his browser.

With TapCommerce, Twitter wants to go beyond simply recruitment of clients, since the supply of start-up allows retention. 
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