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Dell and DropBox united in professional cloud

DropBox continues to advance in the business sector by integrating solutions from Dell security within its collaborative professionals to cloud DropBox for Business.

Dell and DropBox have something in common: both companies are shifting their offers to the professional world. Since the end of last year, they work together to improve DropBox for Business, including security.
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This partnership focuses on the integration of Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition offers in collaborative DropBox. From 1 July, the partnership strengthens through the integration of new features DDP | EC DropBox for Business. This contribution is centered around the separation of personal and business data in the cloud, this service is a response to the rise of BYOD.

Thus, DDP | EC allow users to simultaneously access their personal and work accounts for one DropBox app. Businesses files are stored in a secure "container" and encrypted, unlike private documents. Dell also focuses on pedagogy about the "safety precautions." This requires automatic alerts notifying the user that establish a professional file in a personal folder.  

In addition, DropBox now supports sharing function with a single click, while maintaining encryption. These data can now be shared and accessed by employees of the same company, on iOS and Android. "wipe" function, allowing deletion of files in case of theft of the device, will be unified between the administration consoles DropBox and DDP | EC. 
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