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Patents: Gemalto loses its lawsuit against Google

Case between Gemalto and Google has just ended. The reason for the complaint: Android OS would use patents owned by Franco-Dutch company without having permission. The Federal Court of Appeal from the United States finally agreed with Google.

The case dates back to 2010. Gemalto then realizes Android, Google's OS, is eerily similar to Java Card. This operating system for smart cards was developed a few years ago by Gemalto. In particular, it allows the execution of applications dedicated squad and most smart cards.

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But Google did not ask permission to use this system Gemalto. After a few attempts of settlement, Gemalto sues Google. The first phase of the judicial process proves that patent infringement is willful and deliberate. Gemalto looked set to trial.

In a statement, Olivier Piou, CEO of Gemalto, said  "disappointed with the judgment on the use of part of our intellectual property." However, this ruling "has no impact on the other patent licensing programs, or on the 2017 corporate objectives."

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