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Samsung Z, the first smartphone running Tizen OS

Apple organizing this week WWDC 2014, Samsung wants, too, to be part of the news. San Francisco will host the third Tizen Developer Conference. On this occasion, Samsung has unveiled the Samsung Z , the first smartphone with Tizen OS. It will, first marketed in Russia during the third quarter of 2014.

Apple will organize the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 (WWDC) in San Francisco from June 2 to 6 All journalists and specialists in high-tech will be there, this event from the Apple keynote, this June 2 to 19 hours.
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Its competitor Samsung does not intend to let Apple in the spotlight.
Samsung  does not want to depend solely on Android, working for several months on its own operating system open source Tizen. Aside from bracelets connected, Samsung has not yet presented under that mobile OS devices, especially smartphones.

Samsung advance. The manufacturer holds in particular from 2 to 4 June, the third event around the operating system, Tizen Developer Conference.
To create buzz, Samsung tweeted this 1 June to unveil the Samsung Z first smartphone running Tizen.

It will have a screen 4.9-inch Super AMOLED display, a quad-core processor at 2.3 GHz, a storage space of 16 GB expandable via microSD, a back camera sensor  8-megapixel  and 2.1 megapixel front. Compatible 4G, it will be equipped with a fingerprint reader and a battery of 2600 mAh. 
Samsung Z will be available in black and gold.
The manufacturer will present in more detail the first smartphone running Tizen this June 3 It will be initially marketed in Russia, during the third quarter of 2014, before being offered in other emerging markets.
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