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Adidas launches connected ball " miCoach Smart Ball "

German equipment manufacturer Adidas has launched its connected ball, "miCoach Smart Ball" on its website after three years of development. According to Adidas, the ball was connected specifically created for kicks. This ball works through sensors that record data relating to the power of the shot, the ball's trajectory and point of impact of the foot. All this information will then be transmitted to a terminal via an application for processing. Players can analyze and improve their level while the coach can better manage the technical game with these data.

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Director of innovations for Adidas Christian DiBenedetto said, "Following the successful testing of the" miCoach Smart Ball "performed by amateur and professional footballers, we are confident that future users will fully embrace this revolutionary innovation that we have developed for the players progress and evolve in the way they play . "MiCoach Smart Ball" is a personal training tool designed to improve the technique, the style, the fitness, power and control of the player. " 

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