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Pinterest available on Windows Phone

A new publisher has decided to bring its app on Windows Phone. It is Pinterest, a network of content sharing. This service allows, "as Facebook", published on a wall, "the board." But unlike Facebook, not about to tell his life Pinterest based on the interests of its users. Thus, the "board" is divided into topics, bringing together images, videos and links to pages related to a topic.

The app is available for free download on the Windows Phone Store. It has been adapted to the interface of the mobile operating system, in particular by integrating the horizontal flow. Pinterest for Windows Phone is still in beta and early user feedback suggest the existence of bugs, display images, for example, and malfunction in the connection. Also, some features present in Android and iOS versions are not (yet) available. This is the case of the internal search engine, introduced last month

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Download Pinterest for Windows Phone

If the app is not perfect, it demonstrates Microsoft's efforts to impose Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 as a serious competitor of the mobile OS of Apple and Google. Thus, Microsoft develops partnerships with publishers, preferably the most popular among rivals. Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Instagram or Flipboard therefore gradually joined the ranks of home apps. Microsoft's goal is to expand its sphere and its range of mobile services.
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