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Russia develops its own ARM architecture processors - Baikal

In order to dispense with the designer AMD or Intel, Russia announced that it is developing its own chips based on ARM architecture, its called Baikal.

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia cause unexpected rebounds. Already, the country led by Vladimir Putin had created its own clone of Google Apps to avoid dependence. Now, it will use its own processors already called Baikal in reference to southern Lake Siberia. The goal is simple: spend Intel or AMD models. This decision seems to have been motivated by recent political events but also technological, whose business Prism / Edward Snowden (the latter having found refuge in Russia, ed.)

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The first processor, expected to be launched in 2015, is based on an ARM Cortex A57 architecture with 64-bit support. Earlier this year, AMD announced its first Opteron chip for A1100 based on the same architecture server. According to the Russian press, Baikal is clocked at 2 GHz, engraved in 28 nm, consisting of 8 cores (16 cores and 2016) and has two variants: Baikal M and Baikal M / S. The aim is to equip both server computers Russian offices 700,000 computers and 300,000 servers per year.
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