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Microsoft will bring Cortana on other platforms

Microsoft plans to expand its multi-platform strategy by raising its voice assistant Cortana on non-Windows systems.

Microsoft used this method many times, method of adopting a competing technology to create a similar or approaching then extend the new capabilities. With its voice assistant Cortana, the new CEO Satya Nadella and his team seem to consider this solution and could bring the product to competing platforms to compete with Apple's Siri and Google Now. Must say that for the first version.

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If Cortana not yet definitively crush the competition, it is already stronger in some areas and not at all ridiculous in others. Also, like the Office on iPad, Cortana could well serve as a new Trojan horse to put Microsoft in competing OS. However, Microsoft engineers who have recently expressed admitted that porting on non-Windows platforms is not a bed of roses and it should therefore not expect to see the technology quickly disembark. Indeed, Cortana is largely based on the Bing search engine and even if "apps" Bing is available for two systems, although Apple seems to be closer to Bing at the expense of Google, porting may be complex.

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