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LinkedIn: accused of exploiting contacts members

There are less than two months, the professional social network announced that it had passed the 300 million members. Some users are not satisfied with LinkedIn as a class action has been launched in California. The plaintiffs accuse LinkedIn repeatedly sent emails to their contacts so they fit. A practice that could damage their reputation with these professional contacts.

In April, LinkedIn announced that more than 300 million members enrolled in the world. Beyond the United States that meet nearly a third of subscribers, Brazil, India, Britain and Canada today gather the largest number of members.
The professional social network continues to grow, but it is facing criticism that led to the creation of a class action in the United States.
LinkedIn asks users for permission to access their contact list to invite them to register. Users do not criticize this practice, but the fact that LinkedIn sends multiple messages to the same contact.
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These repeated mails could, depending on the class action, "to harm their reputation by suggesting their relationship they are the source of spam mailings." Via this procedure in collective action, registered LinkedIn asking to stop this abusive practice.
It is the judge Lucy Koh, who arbitrates the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, which manages this. In his first observations, LinkedIn would be "confusing" practice and contradictory. It considers that the repeated sending of these messages is not sufficiently specified users and can damage the reputation of a person.
This action does not satisfy that LinkedIn, the first quarter of 2014, returned to financial losses, despite a revenue increase.  
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