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Microsoft opens Internet Explorer to developers

Microsoft launched an experimental version of Internet Explorer for developers. It will test the new features before they are integrated into the mainstream version of the browser.

IE joined Chrome, Opera and Firefox, browsers with a test version is available for all developers who want it. Available in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, this version "dev" is added to the standard version of Internet Explorer 11.

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The main contribution lies in the implementation of W3C functionality, opening the possibility for developers to test the performance of new features using the programming interfaces WebDriver. These should enable advanced compared to conventional use JavaScript, particularly through test automation.

By F12 it will be possible to access a larger number of developers tools. Microsoft announces changes including DOM (Document Object Model) and Explorer integration debugger, emulator and tools UI Responsiveness and Memory profiling.

Microsoft implements WebGL programming interfaces for rendering 2D and 3D elements. As for joysticks, Gamepad API go through JavaScript to manage game devices.  
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