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Kinect in Windows Phone

The next generation of smartphones sold by Microsoft will integrate functions " Kinect " to perform certain operations without touching the screen.

Inherited both technologies developed for Kinect and work done by Nokia, 3D Touch for Real Motion interface is currently in the final phase of development. A terminal, named McLaren and presented as the successor of Lumia 1020, could be presented quickly by Microsoft.

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This technology is exclusive to Microsoft branded phones, at least at first, and would not be available for other manufacturers. Using multiple sensors arranged on the screen, and several functions are accessible without the need to touch the phone for example automatically respond by wearing ear or hang up automatically when it is still in the pocket. Numerous other opportunities around the zoom of the camera without touching the screen or start applications with a particular gesture would be part of the different options. The objective would be to provide an interface containing a minimum of buttons.

Microsoft had originally planned to incorporate 3D Touch features in Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia handset Goldinger but it seems that teams have decided to postpone the launch to present a much more complete product and the most spectacular features of the end of the year. Note that Microsoft is not the only one working on this technology: Amazon propose a similar function in the model which would be presented on June 18 and Samsung already provides some functions of this type but they are poorly designed and therefore not used. The video below shows the concept of "3D Sensing" technology unveiled a few months ago by Microsoft

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