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Facebook unveils Slingshot, rival of Snapchat

Facebook unveiled by mistake, Slingshot its new system IM concurrent of Snapchat, to strengthens its presence in the mobile OS developing its ecosystem of apps.

Slingshot is a mobile app ephemeral instant messaging. In other words, it is the Snapchat made ​​in Facebook, following the unsuccessful takeover of the leading self-destructing messages app by the company Mark Zuckerberg, for $ 3 billion. After the dismal failure of Poke, a "house" app of the same type, Facebook decides to try again.

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More specifically, Slingshot allows the sharing of content, text, audio, photo and video. The files can be "Likes" and commented, but once found, they will no longer be available. It will be necessary to view photos and videos posted by a friend to post the content itself. Again, Facebook is betting virality, encouraging users to put more content online.

Slingshot has disappeared from the Appstore shortly after being posted. For now, the app seems to be available in test in several countries. Presumably if it succeeds in selected areas for the test, its availability will be extended. Facebook did not report on the subject, we can not assert or deny an Android version is also planned.

Facebook seeks to strengthen its grip on the mobile market and to develop its mobile app ecosystem.
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