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HP Discover 2014 : two new HPC supercomputers

HP intends to stay in the race HPC. On the occasion of the Discover conference, it introduced two high-performance systems based on Intel Xeon with a liquid cooled.

HP towards converged systems with the famous "Sharks" launched last year. Their integration they help simplify the data center while making it more agile. HP has announced that version 1.1 of its suite of administration "HP OneView" was supported by its "ConvergedSystems Sharks" and now not only integrated VMware vCenter but also Microsoft System Center, OpenStack, Red Hat and Management HP Helion.

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In this effort densification servers, HP has announced two new especially Supercomputers "HPC" for walking on flowerbeds Cray and IBM BlueGene. The HP 6000 based Xeon E3-V3 is shifting on single-threaded process, while the HP 8000 liquid-cooled (a real innovation or revolution in the datacenter) based Xeon E5 to address him parallelized workloads.
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