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Google acquires Skybox Imaging

By seizing Skybox Imaging and its satellite imaging technology, Google hopes to improve the performance of its Maps service and Internet access.
Google continues to invest in satellite imagery confirming the acquisition of Skybox Imaging, a company specializing in this technology, for $ 500 million. Google said the closing of the transaction would be subject to the authorization of the U.S. authorities. It stated that the high-resolution satellite images, specialty Skybox, would help optimize mapping service. "Over time satellites Skybox help us to update our maps so they are as accurate as possible," the company said in a statement. "We also hope that teams Skybox and technology will help us improve Internet access and call for help in case of disaster, two areas of interest which we long." 
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Founded in 2009 and based in Silicon Valley, Skybox manufactures satellites that take pictures and videos in high resolution. This acquisition is one of the many initiatives of Google in this area. The company has indeed invest more than a billion dollars in satellites to provide Internet access to parts of the world not connected.
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