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Bitcoin back on the AppStore

Earlier this month, Apple has changed the conditions bound app developers. Now, "apps can facilitate the transmission of virtual currencies approved as they are in conformity with the laws of states in which the app is functional." Accordingly, related services and other Dogecoins Bitcoins are allowed on the AppStore.

Now Coin Pocket available for download on the AppStore. This app allows you to manage a portfolio of Bitcoins to send and receive virtual currency and know the course, the image of Blockchain. This app was removed from the AppStore during a "spring cleaning" to remove ray services related to virtual currencies.

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 Bitcoin  on the AppStore

 However, Coin Pocket will not be available in all countries. The creators of the app recommend users to "check state and federal laws relating to trade Bitcoins or virtual currencies before using this app." In fact, all states do not allow transactions based on virtual currency and Apple recall that the apps of this type will be removed from the Stores of the countries concerned. Also recalls that Coin Pocket solely responsible for the use of Bitcoins are users not the apps.

This policy change is accompanied by the most amazing consequences. Apps for payment in Bitcoins are allowed. Now 30% commissions imposed by Apple do not apply to such transactions. Using Bitcoins on the platform is still marginalized, but if it were to spread, Apple could adopt a more restrictive policy.
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