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Big Data and predictive analytics: Microsoft launches Azure ML

Microsoft launches its new platform Azure Machine Learning ( ML ). It is a platform dedicated to cloud predictive analytics on large volumes of data.

Big Data is good, but the analysis of huge volumes of data, it is better, Here is the new workhorse of a large number of publishers and service providers: predictive analytics in the cloud. This is exactly what Microsoft offers with the announcement of the Azure Machine Learning (ML). A public test version will be available in July.
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The Machine Learning for example, was democratized by IBM with Watson, its system became the champion of Jeopardy in the United States. This concept allows a company to process the data, structured and unstructured, in order to be able to predict events: fraud, failures, market opportunities, etc.. Potentially all areas (finance, health, transportation, e-commerce, etc..) Are concerned.
Azure ML allow "analysts and developers to integrate predictive analytics into their applications easily and efficiently," wrote the head of Machine Learning on a blog. "This will help companies use a large amount of data by providing all the benefits of cloud machine learning."
Microsoft Azure ML is rather simple to use, as software drag-and-drop. For developers, they will use the open source R language (increasingly used in data analysis, ed) for their applications. Additionally, Azure ML will ship models predefined prediction.

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