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Apple buys Beats

Apple was preparing for the largest acquisition in its history by buying Beats for $ 3 billion. Information confirmed in a statement. "Apple announces that it has agreed to acquire the music subscription service streaming critically acclaimed Music Beats and Beats Electronics, the popular manufacturer of headphones, speakers and audio software."

Apple brand has the transaction to close by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014. Apple's CEO Tim Cook said "Music occupies a special place in our hearts for Apple," , "By bringing these two extraordinary teams, we can continue to create the world's most innovative music products and services." It is already expected that employees Beats Electronics and its founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre integrate the Apple group. The statement said that the Beats brand has become an "integral part of pop culture" in the United States and that this collaboration will allow branded products feature the "b" will be available in an increasing number of countries through the Apple Stores.

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But Apple is not only interested in headphones. The music streaming service Beats Music is included in the operation. It is the most strategic point for Cupertino. Indeed, if iTunes has become leader in online music downloading, this market tends to exhaust the benefit of streaming systems. Apple has lagged behind in this trend, allowing new entrants, Spotify and Pandora in mind, to dominate this segment. Tim Cook and his team will have to optimize iTunes Radio, the listener service securities by subscription.

The added value of Beats Music does not lie in its contribution to the number of paying subscribers (it boasts 250,000 when Spotify has 10 million). However, Apple can leverage the brand Beats by consumers, an image that could be strengthened following this acquisition. Both companies attach a special design of their products as well as their interfaces care, which would allow iTunes Radio / Music Beats to differentiate themselves from their rivals.  
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