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Yahoo Video a competitor of YouTube

Yahoo reportedly plans to launch a videos platform competing YouTube. According to the Ad Age site, its launch is soon. Indeed, Yahoo! may launch its product during the summer of 2014.

In 2013, the Yahoo! group has done everything to redeem Dailymotion. After several discussions, the group had to withdraw under the pressure Arnaud Montebourg. But Under the direction of Marissa Mayer Yahoo! seeks to create its own platform. The website Re / code stated that Yahoo! was trying to bring major contributors of leader YouTube to offer them better pay.

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Yahoo! is close to launching its platform according to the site Ad Age, which publishes new information.
Indeed, we learn that contributors may create personal pages. The videos could be distributed on spaces belonging to Yahoo!, such as Tumblr or not.
While Google receives 45% of revenues videos posted on YouTube, Yahoo! wants to promote income contributors and offer higher advertising rates.

This advantage would be the main strategy of Yahoo! to compete YouTube. In addition, the portal does not impose exclusivity broadcast videos, allowing contributors to multiply platforms.
According to the site Ad Age, Yahoo! is still under discussion with the creators and content providers to develop the details of the contracts, but Yahoo! may launch its platform in summer 2014.
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