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Steam Machine postponed to 2015

Valve, the publisher of video games and the Steam platform delayed the launch of the controller dedicated to the future Steam Machine. A delay that could affect the game console and its Steam OS.

Steam Machine was scheduled for fall 2014. Valve, its creator, wants to develop a console capable of competing products next gen Nintendo (Wii U), Sony (Playstation 4) or Microsoft (Xbox One). For this, the publisher has developed a device based solely on hardware "home", ie an OS and a stamped Steam handle.
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But Steam Controller was delayed. Valve wanted to position itself at the forefront of technology, offering a device with two touch surfaces instead of the usual directional cross and other analog sticks. All with a wireless connection. Despite an advanced stage of development, it appears that improvements are still needed.

In a publication addressed to his community, Eric Hope, User Experience Designer at Valve, announced that the company "conducted tests live game, with the help of industry professionals, hardcore gamers and casual gamers" . Returns testers prompted Valve to rework its controller. "Of course, all these improvements keep us busy. We are realistic, we expect output in 2015 rather than 2014 ." 

The entire production chain should logically be affected. Builders associated Alienware head will probably wait for confirmation from Valve for the development of a marketable controller. The Steam Machine should not get out before 2015. 
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