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Secure cloud storage: OwnCloud raises $ 6.3 million

Open source storage solution, sharing and synchronization OwnCloud Announces Fundraising 6.3 million dollars. It will enable it to further strengthen the security aspects.

OwnCloud advance at a very rapid pace, with new versions of the tool that regularly emerge. Currently in its most recent version 6.0, open tool for storing, sharing and synchronization wants to accelerate the commercial aspects (including the network of distributors), marketing and development first.

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Co-founder and VP of the company Holger Dyroff says But one of the major challenges of OwnCloud is especially strengthening the security concerns number 1 clients. "OwnCloud is an ideal solution for retailers who want to offer a secure tool for sharing and synchronizing files".

After 4.4 million raised last December OwnCloud announces a new fundraising 6.3 million. With this sum as security aspects of the solution will be further improved. At the moment, we believe, however, it is one of the best solutions on the market, the ability to install on premise there is for many. Installed within the company, but it may be extended to other systems like Microsoft SharePoint or Jive. Functions of location data, or exit ban a certain area of a file, for example, are greatly appreciated.

Competitors, Dropbox or could be OwnCloud partners in the future: we can imagine a hybrid between the tools used to ensure a share of internal security to the company, on the other hand a means of sharing effective for external data. 

Video of the solution OwnCloud 

Secure cloud storage: OwnCloud raises $ 6.3 million Secure cloud storage: OwnCloud raises $ 6.3 million مراجعة من قبل fortech في 1:16 م تصنيف: 5