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End of Windows XP, the countdown begins

A first warning message appeared this morning on Windows XP configurations. In 53 days this system will not benefit more updates.

If you still use a PC running Windows XP, you may have seen this morning warning message: "Windows XP End of April 8, 2014 support. Click here to learn more. "As we know, after 12 years of loyal service, Windows XP shall automatically retire in a few weeks.

End of Windows XP, the countdown begins, Microsoft extends Windows XP, software, warning message

 What will happen from April 8, 2014? There will be no automatic updates through Windows Update for XP is an increasing risk of unpatched vulnerabilities. But that's not all, attention, it will not be possible to download the Microsoft Security Essentials tool. However, if this Microsoft security tool is downloaded and installed before April 8, still benefit from updates malware signature "for a limited time." 

How to extend the life of old PCs still running Windows XP? Microsoft offers two solutions returning from elsewhere about the same: upgrade Windows XP to Windows 8.1 update (which is possible only on a small part of the park) or just buy a new PC. 
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