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Mark Zuckerberg gives lessons in transparency to the U.S. government

Following recent revelations of the Snowden case involving the use of fake Facebook pages to retrieve data users, Mark Zuckerberg wished to express his displeasure against the U.S. government.

Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Facebook, has posted a message on its own social network page , criticizing the U.S. government : he reproaches him for not sufficiently reassure the public about the freedom and security on the Internet. "I called on President Obama to express my frustration with the damage created by the government for our future" , he has written . "Unfortunately, it looks like it will take a long time for a real reform (...) The U.S. government should be a champion for internet, not a threat. They should be more transparent about what they do , or else people will imagine the worst (...) Internet works because most people and businesses do the same . We work to create a safe environment and make the space we share better. That is why I am so confused and so frustrated by the repeated behavior of the U.S. government reports. When our engineers work tirelessly to improve safety, we believe protect against criminals, not against our own government. "

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If Zuckerberg gets wet as criticizing President Barack Obama is to kick following new revelations about the Snowden case : according to the magazine The Intercept , created by Glenn Greenwald, the NSA has developed malware that has implanted in millions of computers to retrieve data, including using false Facebook pages . This has denied instantly NSA, explaining that these transactions were "solely for the purpose of against -espionage or espionage abroad for national and departmental missions, and nothing else . " Mark Zuckerberg, like other bosses of companies involved in the scandals of the mass surveillance of American intelligence services , including Marissa Mayer, does not want the Snowden case tarnish the image of the empire he created.
Mark Zuckerberg gives lessons in transparency to the U.S. government Mark Zuckerberg gives lessons in transparency to the U.S. government مراجعة من قبل fortech في 11:48 ص تصنيف: 5