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Samsung dismissed its complaint against Apple in Japan

Between Apple and Samsung, the trial will follow. If they attack in different countries, they prefer to act on their own continents. Between sessions, the California Court of San Jose, a Japanese judge just dismiss Samsung's complaint against Apple for patent infringement. Korean group could appeal.
It becomes difficult to follow the legal troubles of Samsung and Apple. One regularly accuse each other of patent infringement or copying of components of their smartphones. For several years, the Court of San Jose tries to separate them, but each verdict stands for appeal and each negotiation attempt is doomed to failure.

 This process is not finished and will resume on March 31.

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This break is an opportunity to turn to the Asian continent! Japan is also a country where Samsung and Apple clash in court. In 2012, Apple was dismissed its complaint for patent infringement against Samsung.

Today, it is the opposite! The Tokyo District Court has ruled on a similar complaint from Samsung. The group accused Apple of violating patents on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2.
The judge just dismiss Samsung's complaint, which did not get the damages sought.
Samsung said he was "disappointed by the decision of the court. After reviewing the complaint, (we) will determine what action to take, which could include an appeal. "

Before more on the side of the Tokyo tribunal, the trial resumed in a few days in California. And there is Apple accuses Samsung of patent infringement!  

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