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DK2: Oculus Rift reveals its strengths

Game Developer Conference 2014 was placed under the sign of virtual reality. One of the big announcements was the presentation of the second development kit Oculus Rift. 1080p AMOLED, new motion sensor DK2.

The Oculus Rift was a resounding success with the DK1 in 2013. And Palmer Luckey company intends to continue its expansion into the world of virtual reality helmets revealing a more efficient DK2. Available from July, the second development kit is now for pre-order on the site OculusVR price of 350 dollars, 50 dollars more than the DK1.
DK2, Oculus Rift reveals DK2, Game Developers Conference, virtual reality helmet, games, new tech, Kit 2 Virtual Reality Headset

This new version of the Oculus Rift has several major improvements over the previous one. If we had to settle for a resolution of 720p (1280x800 for 7 LCD screen) for DK1, DK2 features an AMOLED screen of the same size, but in 1080p (1920x1080). This has the advantage of reducing latency, thus blurring images during movement, cause nausea. Moreover, the improved resolution allows a finer image and less visible frame. Farewell the "screen door" effect.

w head-tracking (positioning system to restore the view of the user according to his head movements) has been implemented. Rather than follow a vertical-horizontal axis, positioning is performed in space. A camera provided with the kit, manages depth. So, just to reach out to grasp a virtual object (at least in theory).

DK2, Oculus Rift reveals DK2, Game Developers Conference, virtual reality helmet, games, new tech, Kit 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Last improvement: the design. Where DK1 presented itself as a fairly solid block, the new version is curved, less "raw". This does not stop it being heavier, requires innovation, with 440 grams against 379 for its predecessor.

DK2 is already available for per-order, so everyone can acquire it (following the pattern of "first come, first served"). The company OculusVR however advises the public to wait for the release of the final version of the product for the time being mainly oriented developers. 


  • Resolution: 960 x 1080 per eye
  • Frequency: 75 Hz, 72 Hz, 60 Hz 
  • Persistence: 2 ms, 3 ms
  • Lens: 100 ° FOV (nominal) 
  • Cable: 3m (detachable) 
  • HDMI: HDMI 1.4b 
  • USB: USB 2.0 
  • USB HUB: USB 2.0 
  • Camera USB: USB 2.0     
Internal tracking: 
  • sensors 
  • gyroscope 
  • accelerometer 
  • magnetometer
Positional tracking:
  • Infrared sensors + camera designed specifically for DK2
  • 440g (without cable)
Included Accessories:
  • HDMI adapter to DVITransformateur 
  • international plugs
  • Kit lenses (2 pairs) 
  • Tissue to clean the lens   


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