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Personal Office 365 for iOS and Android

During the announcement of the release next spring, the next version of Personal Office 365, Microsoft suggested that the suite also include native versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS and Android tablets.

As its name suggests, the latest sequel Personal Office 365 is designed for individual users. According to information posted on a blog by Microsoft, users can install the applications in the suite on two machines: locally on a Windows or Mac OS computer, and a "tablet", but without specifying which one. The cost of the subscription has been fixed at $ 69.99 excluding tax per year.

Until now, Microsoft still indicated that the Office 365 applications could be installed locally on Windows tablets. But this time, the Redmond company remains deliberately vague on the subject, leaving imagine result could also run on iPad and Android devices. This also implies that when the output of Personal, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Versions for iPad and Android tablets are ready. Asked about the issue, a Microsoft spokesperson responded by email: "The only thing I can confirm is that the subscription offer will be available for Windows tablet, and nothing else."

Office version really optimized for tablets 

For months, Microsoft officials talk about the development of a "tactile" version of Office for Windows, Android and iPad tablets, while remaining vague on the release schedule of these versions. Critics say that a version of the office suite specifically designed to tactile machines has been repeatedly delayed. Can be rotated Office on Windows tablets, but the rest has not been optimized for touchscreen devices. There is also a version of Office for iPhone available as a subscription to Office 365, and some desktop applications, such as OneNote, are iOS compatible.

Users who will subscribe to Personal Office 365 also benefit from 20GB of online storage on OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month in more than 60 countries. The cost of the subscription has been fixed at $ 70 excluding tax per year or 7 excluding tax dollars per month. Personal released as soon as the current Office suite 365 Home Premium will change its name to Office 365 Home. This edition, intended for home use, allowing buyers to install the applications in the suite on five different devices, Windows PC computers running MacOS and Windows tablets. The price of the suite is $ 100 excluding tax. It also includes a storage space on OneDrive and a credit minutes of Skype for voice calls.

Personal Office 365 expands a little more family 365 Office products. Critics complain that Office 365 is proposed in too many different packs, with a plethora of options and variants. And do not confuse Personal Office 365 Home Premium with Office 365 suites sold to companies that include online versions of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.
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